You’ve Got What It Takes

It’s been such a long time since I had the inspiration to write an entry. I just released my very first book Brett King (yeaaaaahhhhh nxgga!). It’s the first book in a series entitled The Last of The Real Series. It’s been published through my very own publishing house called Moriah Shands Publishing Company. Yes it is black owned and operated, however, I am looking forward to adding other authors to the family. I don’t care who you are. If you grew up similar to myself, send me a sample of your best work and we can talk. Now back to my most recent accomplishment, Lol. Brett King is an urban book. Some call it Urban Lit, African American or like the rest of us-a good ol’ hood book. The first time I truly believed I would one day be an urban fiction author was when my sister, Chanel, borrowed two books from a friend entitled True To The Game by Teri Woods and The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. Every day that she went to work I would sneak into her room, crawl in her bed and elevate my mind. I was in love. Like the love that you only feel for a soulmate. The writing, the grit, the gutter, the life lessons, the hurt, failures, the sex-we talking about the real, right? I read those books from cover to cover in three days! I couldn’t put them down, man. Then Chanel put me onto the African American section in the library. What? Couldn’t tell me nothing. I would sit on the floor in the aisle and just read different books. I would check out maybe 5 at a time, finish them all within a week and then go back for more. I was challenged in the 10th grade to write a story and was reassured by my teacher that “you’ve got this, so stop being scared of that wonderful gift.” So, I took all that I had studied and wrote the best story I could. To see my teacher and classmates laughing, crying and gushing over my story let me know that I had what it took. You can believe in yourself all day, however, every now and then you need another soul to look into yours and tell you-you’ve got what it takes. I’m not best-seller yet, however, I do believe I have the best hood book being sold. Raunchy and real. Not your average “shoot em up bang-bang” as an old mentor of mines would say, Lol. It’s hood but sprinkled with some sophistication. Over the years I have mellowed out and developed what some like to call a Classy Ratchet personality. I can hold it down in the board room, but will light this whole thing up if need be 🙂 So, that’s what you’re in store for when you decide to read one of Moriah Shands books. To my lovely readers, thank you for taking this journey with me. I have so much in store for you guys. Moriah S.

2 thoughts on “You’ve Got What It Takes”

  1. Just finished Brett King! Excellent read! I didn’t want it to end. When will Book Two be released? Looking forward to reading it as well. I absolutely love the mixture of street and education. You did very well collaborating the two. You have a new fan! I will be on the lookout for your future books.


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