The Last of the Real-Chapter 14

imageI woke up around 11 to Simone making breakfast. She had sausage, banana nut pancakes, grits, eggs-all the good shit! I hopped in the shower and came out to sit at her little breakfast bar. I tossed on some Cavs ball shorts and my white and black elite socks. I was really chillin.
“Yo your bathroom got so much hair shit everywhere. I almost fell getting out the shower,” I said looking through my emails. I was responding to some business folks who decided to work with me on my plans for Germantown Ave. They had a place on the block that needed to be fixed up and I had the bread to do it so I started working with them. Had the construction team heading over that way that following Monday to get started. Things were finally coming to fruition with my vision of being a business mogul.
“Haha, it’s really not that bad,” Simone laughed quietly. Something seemed wrong with her but I wasn’t sure.
“You cool?” I asked as she put a plate full of food in front of me.
“I’m chillin,” she responded. One thing I knew from being around my moms family-a bunch of women-when they say they ‘chillin’ they not really chillin. So I knew not to say shit. Shit. I ain’t feel like no bad vibes. I could relax at Simone’s.
Moms told me she stopped by my house and fed Blue. Then she said she needed a ride to church the next morning so I knew that meant we needed to talk. Brandon ain’t hit me up so I stayed out the way. D let me know Kayla was a freak and that he made it to the crib safe. He also let me know we needed to talk so I told him where I was at and for him to hit me up later. Maybe he could come through.
We ate breakfast and talked shit. She asked if I wanted to blow one down with her so we went outside to the balcony.
“This apartment is bigger than it looks, is all the houses around here like that?” I asked her.
“I’m not sure King, why?” She asked blowing out smoke with her eyes closed.
“I might want to buy one and flip it if it’s not already in good condition,” I told her.
“You always on ya paper chase-I love it,” she said with her eyes still closed smiling.
“Go get the money-go get the money,” I sang. Push It from O.T Genasis was my shit. That made her laugh a little.
“Word is Flipp died last night…” Simone said just like that.
“Who you hear that from?” I asked.
“Baby we run in the same circles. I know A LOT of people. I keep telling you this. Plus I saw it on NBC this morning that it was a shooting there last night. Brett what are you into?” She asked seriously.
Hell if I know. Shit started small and now it felt like it was getting bigger than I anticipated. But whenever Brandon was in these streets he made sure it was big. He ain’t know shit about being discreet.
“I ain’t into shit,” what the fuck was she the pigs?
“Nigga I know you into something. My God-dad is a doctor and his best friend’s a lawyer. They’ll do anything for me if I ask them to,” she said.
I was hesitant. Shit the 1st thing I could think of was that she was a fucking informant! A nigga was feeling paranoid.
“King you don’t think I know you back in the game? I know who you are. Plus I’m your assistant, baby,” she said.
“What you want me to say Simone?” I asked with a blank stare.
“What are we Brett? We together or we just fucking for fun?” She asked. We was vibing for awhile, like two or three months so I guess that was a valid question.
“You already know I fuck with you Mone, we rocking out,” I answered.
“Yeah but what do that mean?” She said getting up to sit on my lap.
“Look I been tryna get at you for months now so you know what it is, you think I would be around like this if you ain’t mean shit?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her waist.
“So do you trust me?” She asked holding my face in her little hands staring in my eyes. In that moment I knew I could trust her. Moms always said the eyes were the window to the soul.
“What you getting at Mone?”
“Your brother is fucking crazy and if we gonna be rocking out you need to know that I have your back. I got ya back at work at all times…let me have ya back when it really matters baby boy,” she said calmly.
“Let’s go inside,” I said getting up.
I didn’t give myself up to Simone, shit I still had to protect myself, but I did let her know what had been happening over the past few months. She assumed Brandon killed Flipp based on what her folks was telling her but I ain’t touch on that either.
“Mone I’m trusting you. If you fuck me over-” I started to say.
“King I promise you got me. My name and my word is all I have at the end of the day. Shit I have to watch my back too-fucking with you ain’t no easy thing. Bitches be joe as shit, niggas be hating…I’m really a down ass bitch, you’ll see,” she said standing up.
She stood in front of me where I was sitting at her bar and wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a hug that I needed. I didn’t tell her that though-it was like she already knew. My life was getting crazy and knowing I had a shorty down to ride was a good feeling.
“I love you King Brett,” she whispered in my ear as she rubbed my head. Bitches told me they loved me all the time but this was different. She wasn’t looking for a response. She was just stating it like I knew it to be a fact.
“I love you to Ms. Simone,” I said squeezing her tighter to me. Damn I had it bad!

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