The last of The real-chapter 13

imageBy the time I got to Simone crib it was 5 in the morning. I knew she would be pissed but I ain’t give a fuck.
I parked in the alley way behind Simone crib and finished smoking my blunt I had in the car. I put my windshield shade in the window, took my license plate off and put it in the trunk. I grabbed my gun and some chill clothes I had in my Nike duffel bag in my trunk and headed up stairs to Simone crib.
I opened the door and locked up behind me. Bas was growling at me but didn’t bark thank God.
I stripped down to my boxers and threw it in her dirty clothes.
I crawled in the bed and pulled her close to me. She was naked and snoring lightly and I felt a sense of relief just being there with her. Flipp’s eyes was forever stained in my mind. They say a nigga that die with his eyes open deserves it, but I couldn’t help but to consider Flipp family. His old lady was depending on him. Shit both his baby moms and his kids were too. He wasn’t good but he was young. Just 29.
“Mm…baby what time is it?” Simone whispered snuggling her head in my neck.
“It’s late,”
“I know that,” she said pulling my watch towards her. Once she saw the time she threw my wrist off her and turned over. I knew she was mad.
“I’m yours all weekend. Just me and you,” I assured her.
“Why you ain’t tell me you was going to Flipp’s? They be shooting and shit up there…” she asked now fully awake.
“It was a last minute move baby girl, I’m here now.” I said.
“So how come you were hollering about people seeing you? And how come you and Brandon got split up? I thought y’all all went together,” she said pulling my cards.
“Long story shorty, don’t worry about it,” I responded. What the fuck man.
“Brett don’t be short with me,” she said sounding frustrated.
Right then and there I wanted to tell her everything that happened. Even Kay blow job. But one of the rules to this shit was keeping ya shorty as far removed from this shit as you could.
“Listen Simone-” I started.
“Let me see ya phone,” she said as she was scrolling through hers.
“Nigga let me see ya phone,” she repeated with her hand out.
“You not there with me to be asking me to go through my phone,” I said sitting up.
“Oh now I’m not there…cool,” she said shaking her head throwing her phone in my lap.
Her homegirl Shay sent her pictures of me and D walking to the back of Flipp’s with Kay holding my hand. Chicks was worse than the FBI!
“You got people following me?” I asked half serious.
“Oh fuck you Brett. I don’t want no weekend with you. Just leave!” She said moving away from me.
“Babe I really don’t need this right now,” I said getting mad.
“Naw don’t call me babe nigga! I asked you not to fuck with her. One bitch and you just can’t. Now you crawling in my bed telling me I’m not ‘there with you’ and the crazy part is you don’t even have anything to say,” she said tearing up.
“Look I blew it down with her and D and she let D hit. That was it. She wit D right now. I’m here with you so what’s the problem?” I said.
“And I’m supposed to believe that?” She asked crossing her arms.
“Man believe what you want to Mone,” I said pulling her on my lap facing me. She was pushing me away but I had her gripped so tight she couldn’t move.
She still had her arms crossed but I wasn’t paying that any mind. I was rubbing her back and ass and sucking her neck so good that eventually she wrapped her arms around my neck.
I pulled my boxers down and let her feel how stiff I was. She started kissing me crazy and lifted up just a bit to slide down on it. I squeezed one of her breast and let her go to work. I held onto her hips and lifted her up off the bed and continued stroking her in the air. She was moaning and I swear she was crying a little bit but I ain’t say shit. I was just feeling the moment.
“Fuck me baby!” She whispered in my ear.
I laid her down on the edge of the bed, lifted her legs up and went to work. She was scratching my arms up but I ain’t pay that any attention. It was making me go harder.
She came over and over as I ate her up and slid back in. We fucked all over that room! I bent her over her window seal, gripped her hair and pounded that thang til I came.
“Shit baby I’m fucking coming!” I yelled out.
“Give it to me,” she moaned.
I bust all inside her and collapsed on her bed. She disappeared into the hallway and I heard her in the bathroom.
When she came back she closed her door and crawled into the bed and told me to hold her. So I did. I held her til we both nodded off.
I never felt so connected to anybody in my life. Simone was the one. I had to get my shit together so I could move forward with her. I had to get this shit with Brandon underway but at this point I couldn’t trust a soul but D. Simone wasn’t gonna have me if I wasn’t correct. At least that’s how I felt anyway. That was my baby, I just wanted to ask her to be mines the proper way. I went to sleep with thoughts of my future and Simone.

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