The Last of the real-chapter 12

imageRING! RING! My phone blasted through my car Bluetooth. I seen 215 and figured it was Brandon. My adrenaline was pumping!
“Brandon what the fuck was that nigga! What the fuck was that! Do you know how many people seen us! Nigga what the fuck was that?” I hollered.
“Nigga where the fuck is you at?” Simone said sounding angry and concerned. Damn! I forgot all about her.
“Babe let me call you back,” I said.
“No King you said you was coming through and I see you made ya way to Flipp’s. I know Kay be in there and what be going down and if I hear-”
“Simone I said let me call you back,” I said sternly.
“Fuck you! Don’t come here tonight pussy!” She yelled and hung up.
Then my phone vibrated.
Simone: King you really make me crazy! Smfh
Me: Chill just wait up for me
Simone: Fuck you
“This nigga not picking the fuck up!” D yelled out in frustration.
Kayla: that shit was crazy hope y’all cool smh come through and bring that fat nigga with u
Me: send me ya location
I drove around for awhile til I made my way to Nate crib when I seen them parked up on the corner of 57th and Thompson a block up from his crib.
I got out the car once I seen Brandon and I blacked! I started digging in his old ass! He was handling them jabs I was giving him but everybody knew I had them hands. I used to box and could have made it far but I wanted to go to school.
Nate and D broke it up and Brandon was sitting there laughing.
“Nigga what the fuck is funny?!” I hollered.
“Nigga shut the fuck up before somebody hear you!” D snapped.
“Fuck you Brandon! What you want niggas to go to jail cause you got mad? What the fuck was that?” I demanded.
“Pussy chill out,” he laughed rubbing his jaw, “that nigga Flipp had that shit coming. He fucked my old bitch and he got a nerve to work for Tess. That was his biggest stash house. I told you it’s handled nigga. I’m handling it. You ain’t doing shit. You worried bout ya nut ass job and that bitch from Germantown,” he said and I flipped. I didn’t take this nigga calling Simone a bitch lightly. He was a disrespectful ass motherfucker. Nate got pissed and with one arm threw me off of Brandon.
“See you fighting ya own blood over ya broad and niggas is out here handling business. Get ya heads out the clouds and stop dreaming! You in this nigga. It’s the game or nothing. You got blood on ya hands too!” He snapped.
“Fuck you Nate,” I said getting in his face. D and Shawn got in between us. Nate would have whooped my ass but I ain’t give no fucks! The Henny still had me feeling invincible haha.
“Chill out Brett ain’t nobody going to jail. If anybody snitch about tonight they a dead man,” he said with a cold stare.
“Jay, Shawn-go count this money and get me some fucking ice,” he ordered. Nate shook his head and went to open the door for them pussies.
“I’ll give it to you Brett you ain’t waste a dime of Moms money from them boxing classes haha. Go home get some sleep. Lay low til I hit you up about New York. We gotta party more often little bro.” And just like that he walked away.
I dropped D off at Kayla’s and told him get a uber home. He was pissed I wasn’t coming through but it was already around 4:30 and I wasn’t in the mood for that shit. I was thinking, planning and plotting. Plotting on how to take Brandon out.

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