The Last of The Real-Chapter 11

image‘Pull up in that holy Ghost cause I’m blessed up
I’mma do the most cause I’m blessed up
Had to scoop my niggas out the hood now we
All eatin’ good like we should cause we blessed up’
It was a Friday night and Snook birthday bash was fucking whamming! It was a bunch of young chicks in there but they was all bad and legal, ha, so everything was cool. Soon as that DC4 came through the speakers all my guys was in VIP turning the fuck up! Fuck a L and all that other bullshit everybody was talking about. Meek was repping Philly the proper way. Getting to the money, staying true to himself, always coming back showing his niggas love and had the baddest bitch by his side! That’s what we all dreamed to be like, so Meek was our guy.
“Put that Litty on next nigga,” I told Snook’s DJ. Some youngbul everybody called DJ Next. Youngin was 16 but he was sharp as hell; always hung with some old skool music heads. He was beyond his years.
“I got you boss!” He yelled over the music. It was a good time. I stayed in VIP all night. I ain’t do too much moving around-just watched and observed. I asked Simone to come out with me but her nephew was having his birthday party so she told me to come through to her crib later that night.
“Yo lil bro, let’s rap,” Brandon said sitting down next to me.
“That bul Tess is getting handled. Got the drop on his stash houses we bouta clear that nigga out,” he said smiling and rubbing on this shorty ass that found her way into our section.
“What you mean he handled?” I asked. I ain’t want no more bloodshed man. Why not just get this money?
“Let’s just say he won’t be setting up no more hits,” he said as I passed him the blunt.
“Man don’t do no stupid shit,” I admonished.
“Listen, haven’t I had ya back this whole time? Niggas put a hit out on my little brother? THAT nigga gotta feel it,” he said turning red.
“Cool out hot boy,” I laughed trying to change up the convo. I ain’t feel like all this. Brandon could never just enjoy the moment we was in.
Getting back in the game let me know how much I liked the perks of running a operation though. It wasn’t like when I was a youngin trying to earn my spot and be just like Brandon. I was at the top giving all my youngbuls a chance to shine. I gave them a way to feed they families. Buy they shorties some nice shit. Give em a nice Christmas or my other brothers that was happy to put that shit on when Ramadan came around. Money and things wasn’t the love but damn niggas wanted to floss a little bit when they was so used to being dirty youngbuls. Not by choice but by circumstance. Shit some of them even enrolled in CCP! For all you out-of-towners that’s the Community College of Philadelphia. Niggas that couldn’t think outside of the 215 was thinking about being like me. Taking that money from the streets and flipping it into something positive. Judge us all you want but unless you was born in the bottom of a barrel you wouldn’t understand our struggle. We was tired of heating the house with the oven and eating fucking ramen noodles. Niggas just wanted to eat like kings!
Simone: u having fun?
Me: yeah ready to be out tho not really my scene anymore u straight?
Simone: I understand boo. Yes I’m just chillin sipping wine and watching my shows
Me: nice chillin night
Simone: yeah. baby how long you gonna be out? We miss you 😏
Me: you know how it is, don’t worry tho I’m coming through I need that
Simone: oh u miss me?
Me: you already
Damn Simone was my fucking baby! Like at work I did my best to keep it professional, haha. Once I left though? I went home, kicked it with my boys and then I was sliding up Simone way. Fucking around with work and Brandon I ain’t kick it with shorty all week. We was moving shit all over the city. He was tryna get some shit up and going in New York too. We was supposed to be going to Queens to fuck with the Jamaicans. Shit was getting hectic. So you know I was missing her thick ass.
“We hitting up the after hour spot-Flipp’s. Bitches is around tonight,” Brandon whispered to me around 1. D, Jay and Shawn was around too so you already knew it was a go!
And just like that I was back in the zone. I figured Simone would be sleep by then and I had her key so I would just let myself in.
We all get to the after hour that was in this shabby spot off Cottman Avenue and I could feel the tension. Before I got shot you could catch me all over the city. After I got hit? I didn’t do too much. I was just staying low key and mainly stayed in North. Niggas was always plotting and niggas knew who I was. This wasn’t my hood and something just wasn’t right.
Soon as we walked in niggas wasn’t so happy to see us but we stayed cool and said wassup to Flipp, the nigga who owned the bar.
“Wassup Brett baby,” I heard Uptown say grabbing me from behind.
“Hey wassup,” I said gently pushing her off.
“What you doing up this way without hitting me up,” she slurred. She looked like she popped a few pills or some shit. I never seen her like this before. Moms mentioned something about her being depressed but I hadn’t seen her since the night I got hit.
“I’m around,” was all I said.
“Ya boys selling some hot shit, it’s taking over the fuckin city” she laughed. Damn she looked bad.
“Go home shorty,” I said. She nodded her head and got her girls ready to go. She was like my sis in a weird way and she knew when I was serious. I gave them money for a uber and they was out. Even though I ain’t fuck with her like that I still wanted to protect her.
“King Brett,” I heard a sexy voice say a few minutes later. I turned around to see Kayla. The bitch that sucked my dick a few weeks ago. Simone would kill me for giving her play but fuck it. I was out with the fellas.
Jay and Shawn hopped on the Spades game that some niggas had going trying to make some extra bread and Brandon and Nate was flirting with the bitches like always.
Me and D followed Kay to the back as she put her number in my phone and then we was right at it!
She was a freak and I guess Simone was right-a fucking whore! She was a raw type fuck. Nothing loving about it. We talked and blew it down then she got right down to sucking my dick and letting D hit it from the back. Shit felt like old times!
“You a nasty little bitch,” D said giving me a high five laughing. Soon as I came she swallowed everything! Just then I heard voices raising and it sounded like the bar stools was falling.
“Fuck man!” I yelled out. We couldn’t never just have a good time.
“Naw I’m coming nigga I be out there,” D said smacking Kay ass.
I pushed Kay out the way and pulled D by his collar as he told her to text me for his number. This nigga haha! Never took shit serious. I ran out the back buckling my pants up with D following behind when I seen Brandon holding his piece standing over some nigga that was at the bar pleading for his life. Kayla came out behind us and once she saw what was happening got the fuck up out of there with her girls quick. I’m glad cause I knew shit was about to get real.
“Nigga stop bitching! Say some shit like that again and I’ll fucking kill you pussy!” He shouted.
“Brandon fuck is you doing? You in my spot threatening my niggas over some old shit? Over some old washed up pussy? We all hit Shawna soon as you got locked down. Haha! She been a hoe nigga. Yo get the fuck out of here you should be glad I even let you in here nigga. You really disrespecting me,” Flipp said smiling and clapping his hands with every word. Next thing I know Brandon turns around and shoots this nigga 5 times!
BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT!!! Everything was moving in slow motion. All Flipp’s niggas folded and disappeared as he laid there drowning in his own blood. Everybody else was running and screaming rushing the door. Brandon was yelling for Jay and Shawn to hurry up and grab all the money out the drawer up front.
We all dipped the fuck up outta there as we heard the sirens coming. Me and D hopped in my wheel as Jay, Shawn and Brandon hopped in Nate wheel. We pealed off towards they spot out West Philly.

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