The Last of The Real-Chapter 9

image“What? Is you scared nigga? Shoot this dickhead!” Brandon yelled.
Youngin couldn’t be no more than 16 years old. High school dropout that had a baby and started slinging to feed his family and take care of his grandma. Just staring at me. Looking me in my eye crying. I couldn’t make out what he was saying. His mouth had scotch tape with dried blood all over it. He was shaking his head crying and begging me not to pull the trigger. He probably felt karma digging in his ass and was praying he would see his little girl again. I’m sure he thought about his girl that was still in school. She planned to go to Spellman and he was gonna move with her and their daughter. Baby girl was 2. Cute kid too.
See everybody has a story. Everybody has a struggle that they deal with. Who are we to play God and pick the date and time a nigga going to go meet Him? This little nigga tried to kill me but didn’t know Brandon fucked one of my dancers, Sasha, at D&K and found out Little Nigga was her 1st cousin. Sasha always had the scoop, knew Brandon had bread and was tryna ride the wave-so she gave up the info. Plus she hated that Little Nigga was getting money and never showed her or her son any love. But me and Brandon showed love so she was on our side. Funny how shit play out right?
“Nigga time is money! This nigga mad we eating and tried to take us out dog, kill this motherfucker!” Nate yelled.
Just like that his brains was splattered on the ground behind him eyes wide open. My right hand was shaking and I felt the wind get knocked out of me. I just took another man life. Coward ass motherfucker that tried to fucking kill me and all I could think about was his family he just left behind. We was in a warehouse in south Philly. Nobody around could hear him crying when some youngins we lined up whooped his ass and made him tell us who he was working for. Some nigga named Tess. Little Nigga was a soldier though. Wouldn’t give up Tess location, trap houses, shit not even who Tess people was. But we would figure it out eventually. Brandon said he had a plan to figure it all out that same night. All our youngins cleaned up the spot and got rid of the body. Me and Brandon had Nate take us back to my crib in a rental we picked up from our rental connect and discussed business as usual.
All my niggas came through, even D and a few bitches too. I wasn’t planning on drinking or smoking being as though I left the hospital not even a week ago and was taking medication. But once this shorty named Kayla passed me a cup of Henny and Coke, I had just the buzz I needed to get Little Nigga eyes out of my head.
Kayla was a feisty cute little thing with a fat ass and some nice sized titties. I took her upstairs to my room, pushed her down on the ground on my balcony and shoved my dick in her mouth. Her eyes got wide when I stiffened up and she felt how big shit got, haha. I had her weave gripped up hard as shit and made her choke a few times until she swallowed everything!
“Damn nigga you tryna kill me,” she said smiling with this wild look in her eye. She slid her panties off and bent over the railing facing the trees and said “fuck me like a whore nigga.” You can’t say no freak shit like that to a nigga!
I grabbed a rubber and slid in. I ain’t waste no time. Deep hard pounding and told her to shut the fuck up every time she yelled out. I grabbed her neck squeezing real tight and groaned. I ripped the condom off and made her swallow everything again and she did it with a smile. She kept sucking after I came and I smacked the shit outta her, haha. She was smiling and enjoying the pain. She was high and fucked up off the Hennessy. She was ready to go again but I seen Simone called twice so I told Kayla I would get at her another time. She kept talking bout how she wasn’t done yet and threw my phone on the bed. She got back on her knees and took me in her mouth again. I couldn’t stop her dog!
The next morning I woke up, got fresh and went downstairs. Brandon had 2 naked bitches making everybody breakfast and told me they was bouta fuck them and record it. Supposedly they was the nigga Tess baby moms! I grabbed some turkey bacon and told him I would catch them niggas later and to lock up behind themselves if they left out.
“Aww you always being a pussy,” he laughed.
I laughed them off and headed out. It was a Saturday morning and I still had businesses to run.
I met up with a few of my business partners and I didn’t like what I was hearing.
“A liability?” I asked putting my coffee down. I was meeting with Jeff and Jerome Benson at a coffee shop downtown. They were brothers and contractors I was getting to fix up a little store front for me on Germantown Avenue. They also were the one’s I was buying the property from.
“Yes a liability Brett. Look, outside of this work shit you know we boys. But after you got shot and rumor says it’s drug related, you gotta understand our hesitation young blood,” Jeff said. He was the oldest and the brains of the operation. I looked to Jerome to see if he would say anything. He just sat there saying nothing.
“Damnit Jeff. I can get you the rest of the money in cash up front or write you a check today. You can cash it or deposit it today. I already put the down payment on the location and-”
“Look Brett, I’ll have our secretary reach out to your assistant and refund you the down payment. We would love to help you out, but we have a business to run. And you have a image to reconstruct,” Jeff said as they stood up.
“Yeah yeah.” I said trying to keep my composure.
“See you around Brett. Keep ya head up,” Jerome said as they left.
“Damnit!” I said just as my phone started ringing.
“Hey Simone,” I said trying not to sound so upset.
“Nigga where the fuck you been at? You ask me for a kiss at the hospital. You come back to work and barely say a word to me then you ignore all my calls and text? What the fuck is that about pussy?” She said snapping.
“Look not today okay I just had a rough morning,” I said taking my heart medication.
“Yeah I heard you had a great night motherfucker,” she hissed at me.
“How the fuck-”
“I told you these bitches love bragging about fucking you. Kayla though nigga? Philly’s biggest whore? Soon as she left you, I’m assuming, she face timed me talking bout ‘oh my goodness girl I can’t believe you ain’t letting that boss of yours hit. I put that nigga to sleep. I would be in his office everyday’ blah blah blah!” She said yelling now.
“Well,” I said smiling. She was pissed the fuck off and I liked it.
“Nigga you think this is funny? That shit is embarrassing. I’m bragging to my girl how I fuck with you heavy and the next second Kayla face timing me on some nut shit,” she was really mad.
“I thought you had a situation with the bul. And I thought you don’t fuck your bosses?” I said still smiling.
“‘Let’s get money together Simone, fuck these other niggas, we can keep it professional right?'” She said mimicking me which made me laugh.
“Fuck you nigga!” She yelled out.
“Yo, I’m on my way,” I said.
“Not over here, my nigga on his way,” she said.
“Yeah I know I just said that,” I laughed as she banged on me. I was pissed off about how my business ventures were going sour but I knew Simone would cheer me up no matter how mad she was.

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