The Last of The Real-Chapter 10

imageMe: I’m outside
Simone: IDGAF nigga
Me: ard I’m bouta knock on the door and let ur boyfriend answer lol
Simone: Pussy come in I’m on the 3rd floor. 3B lock the front door behind u.
I smiled. I parked around the corner and tucked my gun in my back. After getting shot shit wasn’t an option. I put my flyers cap on, looked in my rear view one good time brushing my beard and walked around the corner to Simone crib. She was living right off Morris street close to Chelten Ave so it wasn’t out of my way to swing past. It was this big 3 story house and from what I could see was split into 6 apartments. 2 per floor. I walked in, locked the door and started up the long staircase looking over my shoulder after each landing. I got to her front door and turned the knob.
I walked in, locked the door knob and the chain lock and smelled some good ass food cooking around a little hallway. I looked around at some pictures. She was a cute kid. She looked exactly the same since what looked like middle school. I saw prom queen pictures and homecoming queen pictures. She seemed like she was always thorough. It was a cute little apartment. You could tell a woman decorated it but it was chill enough for a dude to live there too. I stopped at a picture of her and her dude. They looked pretty happy.
“Ruff ruff ruff! Ruff!” I heard Bas running towards me barking and heard footsteps following him.
“Fuck him up Bassy!” Simone laughed as he tried to bite my ankles.
“Really Simone? If you don’t get ya fucking dog Ima take him to the Chinese store,” I laughed kicking him off me.
“Yeah whatever keep talking shit Brett, you already on thin fucking ice,” she said rolling her eyes and walking into the kitchen. I followed behind her laughing. Bas was standing in front of her watching me with his head cocked to the side. I couldn’t stop laughing at him.
“Sit boo,” she said and immediately he sat down rubbing her foot with his nose.
“Ain’t ya’ll cute,” I laughed walking up behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and dug my nose into her neck. She stopped stirring her meat sauce and leaned her head back. We stood like that for a minute until she gently pushed me off and started making her lasagna.
“Oh you a chef too?” I asked jokingly.
“I actually can cook very well, maybe if you act right I’ll give you some,” she said bending over to put the pan in the oven.
“I thought you lived with ya people?” I asked remembering she said she stayed with her sisters.
“Yeah they live in the other apartments. Across the hall and the 2 downstairs. They always in here though. I just would like a little space that’s why I’m saving up for a nice little condo and I’m moving.” She said smiling hard.
“I got something kinda like a condo,” I laughed.
“I ain’t living in ya whore house, you gotta buy me one or something” she said turning around rolling her eyes, “I’m getting out of the city. Maybe King of Prussia or Plymouth Meeting. Something else…” she always had a plan.
She looked like she had just got out the shower. Her hair was kind of curly and smelled like shampoo or something. She had this sexy ass scent on and was barefoot. She had some little black Nike shorts on and a purple half sweatshirt that hung off her shoulders with this colorful sports bra underneath. Simple and sexy.
“Why you always staring at me like you ready to rip all my clothes off?” She asked blushing.
“Cause I am,” I said seriously.
She laughed and started cleaning up.
“Why you come over here?”
“I needed to see you,” I said getting serious. I couldn’t get the image of youngbul brains out of my head. I was kind of hoping she could ease my mind. I was feeling like I had to have her. She matched my fly.
“Why today? Why not a few days ago when I was calling u, Brett?” She asked drying her hands.
“I got a lot going on that I’d rather you not see so sometimes I gotta lay low ma,” I answered.
“That’s bullshit. Why not just tell me that?” She asked staring me down with her arms crossed.
“I can’t tell you baby,”
“I’m not ya baby Brett,” she said coldly. I ain’t like that response but I played it cool.
“Ehh, not yet anyway. But where ya boy at?” I asked.
“Why you want him or something?” She smirked.
“Fuck outta here with that nut shit Simone. I don’t want to have to fuck bul up again if he catch me in his crib uninvited,” I responded.
“Don’t worry about him okay?” She said ending that convo.
“Okay my bad…baby,” I said smiling. She poured herself some wine and asked me to come on her balcony with her.
I sat down next to her as she rolled herself a fat blunt. She let me hit it twice then put it out.
“Brett I fuck with you like crazy. I think about you all the time. I just cannot compromise my job. I’m finally doing what I always wanted to do and I just don’t want to sneak around like Shayla and Tom hoping I don’t get caught. And you can’t fuck with no bitches in my circle.” she said leaning back with her eyes closed.
“They sneaking around cause Shayla boyfriend does security, haha. No but seriously. I ain’t know all the bad bitches was in ya circle,” I said making her smile.
“She a cute little freak ass whore trying to make me mad and you better stay away” she said pointing her finger at me.
“Oh yeah? I better? How you know she a whore?” I was cracking up she was cute when she was mad.
“Nigga don’t play with me,”
“No seriously I got you shorty. I really do,” I said grabbing her hand. I couldn’t but picture the both of them naked in my bed. Hmmm.
“Do you really Brett?” She asked.
“Yes, baby. I need you to stop worrying so much. I don’t know getting shot just showed me life to short to worry so much, you never know when it may be ya last day. Let me know that I got you and I promise you got me” I said surprising myself.
“You just know what to say” she laughed.
She got up to check back on her food and yelled for me to come inside. She put a movie on and told me take my sneakers off. They were my favorite custom Lebron’s my sneaker connect hooked me up with. She also let it be known today was for her so I might as well cancel my plans. Shit not a problem!
She cuddled up next to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.
“You smell good, boo,” she said squeezing me. I wore some Armani Exchange, my gold chain, a fresh white tee and some gray Nike sweat shorts. I started rubbing her ass and got into this movie on Netflix called Brotherly Love. It was a pretty good flick. Reminded me of my youngbul days. Being alone with shorty was ard with me. I could get used to it. Shit felt good, you know?
Halfway through the movie she turned around with her head on my lap looking up at me. Just staring. Her eyes were slanted and I could tell she was feeling her wine. She pulled me close and kissed me real slow. She grabbed my hand and pushed it in her shorts. She was soft and so wet! I started to rub her clit and she let out a little moan. I pulled her on my lap to the side and held her as I continued to kiss on her neck and play in her pussy. She was moaning and rubbing my ears which was driving me crazy. I pulled her shorts off and picked her up gripping her ass and kissed her slow and hard. Her lips were soft and juicy I just couldn’t stop. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pointed to her bedroom.
I laid her down on the bed and got undressed. Laying my shit out neatly on the chair next to her bed, I put my gun on the nightstand. She looked at it for a little bit then looked back at me through the mirror on her wall closet.
She was naked by the time I turned around and I was stuck. She was looking too good laying there. Full breast, even copper skin from head to toe and she spread her legs wide open with her finger in her mouth. She was just looking so open and ready for whatever. I left my beater on. I had a nice shaped out chest and abs and shit but after my surgery I just wasn’t as confidant with my shit. Getting shot let me know I wasn’t so invincible. Shorty ain’t care though. She pulled my shit up seeing all my scars and bullet wounds. She gently outlined the scars with kisses and took my beater all the way off pulling me in close. I ate that pussy like it was thanksgiving! Shit we grown you know how that shit is. My beard was soaked and she scratched my cheek when she was coming. She yelled out my name and started shaking all over. She ain’t say nothing about a condom so I slid right in and had her legs pressed to her ears. She was so tight I had to work myself inside. Once I was in it wasn’t no stopping. She was scratching my back while she moaned and said she was falling for me. I slowed down and looked her in the eye. Out of nowhere I said: “I want you to have my baby Simone.”
She smiled and wrapped her hands around my neck and we got into this crazy rhythm. I picked her up pressing her against the door and kissed her. She just stared at me with these eyes that made me give her this work you feel me! She was holding my neck so tight with her left hand and dug her nails in my back with her right hand.
I placed her back on the bed after awhile. She scooted to the edge, turned around spreading her legs and arching her back staring at me smiling, her legs still shaking. I gripped her tiny waist pressing my thumbs in her dimples and worked my way back inside. I stroked her down. Her hair was laid out all wild and shit as she moaned into the bed. I pulled out (Thank God!) right before I came and collapsed on top of her. We laid there for a minute. We went for round two and after she got on top a nigga was almost sleep! She laid her head on my chest, grabbed my hand and smiled.
“What’s funny,” I asked as I wrapped my arm around her waist.
“Out of all the girls you really feeling Ms. Simone,” she said looking at me winking. I couldn’t even say nothing dog. Just rolled my eyes and smiled. She laughed and laid back down.
Yeah, Simone had me out here exposed and open. She took my mind away from the bs though.
We got up and Brandon was texting me to meet him at Nate crib later on and I told him I would be there.
We ate some food and she gave me the craziest sloppy I ever had before I left.
“Brett can I trust you?” She asked.
“As much as you can trust,” I said standing by the door.
“Don’t just tell me shit and have me thinking shit one way and it’s not. Just keep it a bean with me and we cool,” she said hugging me.
“Stop worrying baby girl,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead and told her I had to go.
She told me to call her later and I said I would.
As I walked back outside and walked to my car, I couldn’t help feeling good knowing I just got a little closer to this girl. Dog I’m telling you when it’s the one you can’t shake it. I now knew what D meant when he started messing with Dina. I started my car seen it was about 8:30 pm and sped off to go meet up with Brandon.

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