The Last of The Real-Chapter 8


“Hey Brett, your first visitor of the day is here bright and early.” Nurse Soeur said as she let Simone in. Her and Nurse Schaeffer were the only nurses I wanted around, man. They was thorough as hell with this nursing shit so I ain’t have to see too much of Dr. Reeves. Plus, they was some bad old heads. Soeur was on my top too! I ain’t deal with Asian chicks like that but this Cambodian could get it whenever!
“Hey shorty you made it,” I said happy to see her. She gave me this big ass hug and Soeur rolled her eyes at me and walked out. That was still my boo, but everybody was on the back burner when Simone stepped on the scene, aha!
Simone was sexy on some chill shit this day. She was wearing these jean booty shorts and a plain hot pink tank top with some all black low-top leather Chucks. Her hair was sandy brown and real long touching the top of her ass. She was also wearing a LaShay graffiti hat. LaShay’s was a local clothing line by my homegirls Layah and Shaynice I fucked with heavy during my West Philly High days. All the girls was rocking they hats and T-Shirts. They even had a little following out Miami. I loved seeing my folks brands expanding and growing and Simone was rocking it well. I was gonna try to link her up with them hopefully as a local model. I was always thinking about connections.
But anyway I never seen her this chill before and I liked it. And when she walked in, she had what looked to be a breakfast platter from Mt. Airy Breakfast. My fucking mans!
“Now you should NOT be eating these grits with everything going on with ya heart and shit, but I know you could use some real food,” she said with that sneaky smile after my nurse left. Her eyes were a little low under that hat too, haha. I could tell she smoked a little tree before she came. Wake and fucking bake! I was sick I was’t gonna be hitting no blunt no time soon. I had to get back man. This shooting really fucked me up.
She smacked my hand away when I reached for the turkey bacon.
“Nigga don’t touch the meat,” she said pointing at me giggling.
“Pause,” I said snatching a piece anyway as she grabbing a piece.
“Nigggaaaa, don’t get me kicked outta here,” she laughed.
She was right though I shouldn’t have been eating any of that but I knew she knew a nigga needed a fucking life line.
“Simone…I’m going fuckin crazy in here! Haha! You fried and fucking this food up? Let me get some of that turkey, shorty,” I winked taking another piece before she snatched the platter from me.
“See you give a nigga a inch they take a fucking mile. You’re done,” she said shaking her head.
“No seriously I’m getting blue balls,” I replied turning to ESPN.
“Yeah okay I’m sure one of your fans in here let you hit” she said with her back towards me leaning over a little table eating.
“And what makes you think that?” I asked.
“You ain’t see them joe ass bitches looking all sick when they peeped I was coming here to see you,” she said turning towards me slightly with a mouth full of grits.
“I know somebody sweating you in here I just haven’t figured out who yet.” She laughed waving me off.
“Yeah okay ain’t nobody sweating me. I’m tryna sweat you but you keep playing.” I responded. I saw she stopped eating. I don’t know if she was thinking or what but just as soon as she stopped she picked her spoon up again.
“Brett you can’t handle me.” She stated turning around in her chair to face me.
“You what? 4’11? I think I can handle that.”
“5’3 actually and nizzzz. I know how you and all them niggas Snook be with act. I don’t play that bullshit,” Simone laughed. She was right though. We was known to get bitches that was just a fact.
“Just cause these whores,” she continued, “doing whatever for a hoe badge-”
“Hoe badge?” I laughed.
“Yeah you know bragging rights for sucking ya’ll little dicks, haha. BUT-that doesn’t mean I’m willing or want to do the same. You can’t handle me cause you still playing games. You don’t even know how to be by yourself how you gonna seriously be with me, nigga?” she laughed turning back around. It was a sarcastic ‘I won’ laugh and I found her more attractive. Man women never take folks seriously. I posted a throwback Thursday pic on the Gram back when we was all at happy hour. That was when Simone came through for the first time. I was sitting in between her and Shayla and they were both leaning towards me laughing. We was all laughing at something funny Trevor said as he took the picture. I wrote how I couldn’t wait to be back in the swing with them. Dr. Reeves said one more week and I would be out of this bitch so you know I was counting down the days.
“I fuck with you” I said out of nowhere. She locked her phone and just stared at me. Like she was taken off guard.
“Do I find you attractive? You damn right. Not just physically though. You on ya shit. You cold Simone. I really fuck with you….Try me and see if I can’t handle you,” I challenged. Silence.
“Take your hat off.” I said quietly. As she did I couldn’t help but notice she was blushing.
She had a different pair of glasses on today. I liked these ones. They were black Ray Bans and not as gaudy as the normal gold rimmed glasses she wore. She looked older and sexier if that’s possible. She had these deep pretty almond shaped brown eyes and her lashes were crazy thick. Her eyebrows was natural looking enough-thank God. I hated that painted on shit, haha. She had high cheek bones and full brown lips. Like Susie Carmichael. She had a mole on her right cheek and these sexy ass dimples. She was like a copper colored brown-like a shiny penny-from head to toe. Speaking of toes. Sheesh. I loved a woman with some nice feet. Polished all up and shit. And her body was CRAZY. Not no Instagram model type shit haha. Nah real woah-man. Full breast, hips, ass and a little pudge to even things out, haha. I promise in that moment I wanted to give her thick ass a baby.
“Brett what you thinking about?” She said staring back at me.
“Your gorgeous Simone. I want you but you playing these games. I be seeing you feeling my vibe and I’m digging yours. Lets get this money together. Lets grind and make these niggas and bitches jealous together. I’m tryna wife you ma,” I blurted out. My boys would KILL me hearing me say this shit.
“Brett you just talking…you laid up in the hospital going half crazy looking at these bum ass bitches and you just talking,”
“These bum ass bitches huh? Haha,” she was always talking shit.
“Seriously Brett…we work together. You’re my damn boss. I told you before I don’t fuck my bosses.”
“Shit Jon bouta give you my job anyway. Can you hire me as your assistant? Then it won’t be an issue” I said making her laugh.
“Nigga you just got all the jokes today,” she said still smiling.
“Simone I’m forreal,” I said getting serious again.
“I know Brett. But I’m still with the bul…and you still have your groupies,” she answered.
“Come on baby that shit irrelevant wassup with us? It ain’t gonna affect work or no shit like that. You a boss you know how to keep it professional when needed, right?” I said. I wasn’t used to working like this for no chick. Old and young alike. I really wanted this one man.
“It’s not about keeping it professional, boo. It’s about being real. And realistically speaking this shit just wouldn’t work and I’m in a relationship,” she said.
“So then why you here with me on your fay off at damn near 10 in the morning?” I genuinely asked. Silence again.
“Sassy Simone don’t have no comebacks?” I laughed grabbing my phone again to check my texts.
“Would you like me to leave?” She snapped standing up with her hand on her hip.
“Sit ya short ass down you ain’t going nowhere,” I laughed.
Simone laughed and said “fuck you nigga,” as she sat back down.
“You promise?” I responded. Before she could say something back guess who walked in the fucking room. I didn’t see her message saying she was on her way.
“Promise what?” Mom said. Damn.
“Hey Ma wassup,” I smiled. I texted Simone phone real quick and said ‘just follow my lead.’
Of course she didn’t look at her phone cause it was in her bag.
“Hey Ms. Karen, I’m Simone Brett’s assistant. I heard so much about you it’s nice to finally meet you,” she said waving and smiling.
“Wish I could say the same,” Mom said not cracking a smile. Like damn Mom come the fuck on.
“Oh okay,” Simone smirked. I could tell she was feeling a way but she would learn-that was Moms for you.
“Do you mind Stacy if I have a word with MY son?” She asked.
“Suuure. Boo I’ll be back. I’m gonna get you some ice,” she said kissing me on the cheek. Nobody ever did no shit like that! That shit was kinda sexy.
“I will drag that little tramp up outta here by her weave if she pull a stunt like that again. Got her ass all out. Grits?” She snapped looking at the window seal.
“I know that hussy ain’t give you no damn grits!” Oh lord.
“Mom can you chill, sheesh. That was her breakfast,” Not today. This was supposed to be me and Simone today.
“Look I’m going to be cordial with your little friend but I’m not staying long. I just came by to bring you some cards that your fathers side sent to you saying ‘get well soon’ and to see you. Are you happy you’re almost out of here?” She said watering my flowers and opening up the blinds.
“Thanks Ma. Yeah I am. I’m just ready to get back to life as normal, you know?” I responded. I was just ready to get back.
“Don’t go rushing anything, baby. You follow the doctors orders and stop all that smoking and drinking.” She said. Yeah…for now.
We talked for a few minutes longer. She let me know she talked to Brandon. He said something about laying low and finding who did it. Moms usually was always against the violence but I was baby boy and she was just ready to get back to life as normal so she told him to figure it out and keep us out of it. Little did she know I was already in this too deep.
“Well I’m going to let you kids get back to your time together don’t want to interrupt anything,” Mom said in a forced sweet tone a few minutes after Simone came back.
I peeped Simone roll her eyes but I ain’t mention it. Mom could be a pain haha.
Simone kicked it with me until visitor hours was over. I honestly appreciated the company and kept thanking her all day for it. We watched movies, cracked jokes and turnt up on my SnapChat. She was really becoming a good as friend.
“Well Brett, I’m going to get ready to go,” she said yawning.
“Gotta get back to ya boo huh?” I laughed.
“Ehh, ha. I gotta get home let’s leave it at that.” She replied getting her stuff ready to go. It was hard watching her leave. Harder than I thought it would be.
“Can I get a kiss?” I asked jokingly.
She looked at me sideways, walked towards me and gave me a sweet ass kiss.
“I was just playing but I could get use to that,” I said making her laugh.
“You have a good night Brett,” she winked as she walked out.
Damn. Simone really fucked with me. I fucked with her too and was willing to do whatever it took to get her. She let me know she got home safe and then I drifted off to sleep.

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