The Last of the Real-Chapter 3

image“Bro what you mean you chillin? Since when?” Brandon said sternly.
“1st things 1st-cool the fuck out. I’m just saying I have a nice paying job now. Got my house, a few businesses I’m running successfully. I’m not trying to mess that up man.” I responded quietly.
We were having breakfast at this spot called Mt. Airy Breakfast up Germantown Ave. They had the best coffee and they grits was crazy good.
“I’m just saying how much was you pulling in with me every month? I got a better connect from being locked down with the bul from North Carolina. He looked out and is willing to link up and push this fucking weight my nigga. Stop being pussy and following up after D. That old ass Lexus you rolling in and that corny watch ain’t gonna get ya new assistant panties little bro,” he said laughing.
“Ah whatever, nigga. All I’m saying is it’s not the same in these streets. How you gonna clean ya bread? How can I assure I’m going to be covered? I fly internationally. I have clearances to get into certain places overseas that a dude with a record won’t be able to.”
I wasn’t trying to be inconsiderate of his situation however, with him being away all these years, I learned that the only one who was going to look out for me was me.
“Listen I hear you bro. Trust me I do. But you know I need you. You got the smarts that I need and I got the muscle to flip this bread. You won’t even be doing the dealing just the important shit. Meeting with the connect and shit like that. You know like my right hand,” he suggested.
“What about ya mans Nate?” I asked.
“Look nigga if it’s no just say no,” he said fed up.
“Just give me a few days to think-”
“A few days? Nigga time waits for no man. I need this decision by tomorrow brother. I’m driving down to North Carolina Monday. I’ll give you til tomorrow night.” And that was the end of the discussion. Just like that. Brandon didn’t really like the answer ‘no’ and didn’t stop until he got a yes.
This is what I meant by I had to be able to trust Simone. She was about to hear and see some shit that I had to make sure she could handle. Smh for a shorty I never had no feelings for, she sure was on my mind a lot after last night. I couldn’t stop picturing her in that pink dress. She was a fox man I’m telling you!
“Tomorrow is perfect B. But come on lets discuss something else. How does it feel now that you home?” I asked trying to switch up the convo.
“Man it feels good. I’m ready to make this money. Like the bitches coming through been cool. Blowing it down with my niggas been cool. Even seeing moms and you been cool. But I’m ready to make this fucking bread my dude! I love making this money. I don’t think there’s anything like it.” Brandon was Philly’s Money Making Mitch. His hustle was like nobody else’s. But he wasn’t the wittiest. He wanted to be a boss but he was more of a worker. Not trying to play him. That’s blood. Just the facts.
“Look I understand you all corporate and shit now but you know you tryna see more than the 215 and a few places you’ve visited with ya job. I know you don’t want to go to them fancy places for work. When the last time you went to Paris and turnt the fuck up? Don’t worry. I’ll wait,” he said cracking up.
“Nigga shut the fuck up,” I said laughing. This new weed he grabbed from somebody else he was locked up with was crazy. I felt like I had a brownie or something. We ordered so much food and left a hefty ass tip for the cute waitress.
“My compliments to the fucking chef baby. Ya’ll ain’t have to make my eggs that good.” Brandon was a trip. His flirting wasn’t really flirting to me but the girls fell for that King smile, ya dig!
For the rest of the day we tried to catch up on some of the years that we missed out on. I took him to the barber shop I was looking to co-own with my mans Greg and got Brandon hooked up with a fresh cut. I took him shopping and showed him some of the properties I was looking to own. The more I showed him these places the more his offer sounded appealing. I wanted to buy the fucking city! But as much as $80k a year may sound-after taxes and bills, I was honestly just maintaining.
My businesses were getting split in a few different ways because of my business partners. I wanted wealth. I wanted the fan fare. I wanted the love and the hate. I wanted it all. Mama always said you couldn’t have it all but I wanted everything.
“Man today was good little bro. You doing ya thang,” he said rubbing my head as we walked to my car after we hit up the Clock Bar by Temple Hospital. They had the best mussels and they was always generous with the drinks. It was always a good time.
“Yeah yeah yeah,” I said throwing him a jab that he dipped
“No bullshit bro. You making Pops proud. He always said you was going to take the clean road and do something with yourself.” Pops died when I was 5 from being in the game. Mom ain’t want me involved so she pushed me with the academics.
“You think so?” I asked.
“GET DOWN!” Brandon yelled.
A blue Impala pulled up and 2 dudes leaned out the front and back passenger windows and started firing.
He pulled his gun out and started letting off a couple rounds then ducked down by me behind a white van.
All I could think of was my mom, work and if we was going to make it out of this one alive.
The car sped off and turned down Venango. I was sitting there stuck. I sobered up but I was in shock so I sat there for a second.
“Brett get up let’s go! Let’s fucking go!” We hopped in my car and sped off in the opposite direction.
“Little Bro where’s ya piece at man?” Brandon yelled as we were riding down Broad Street.
“It’s at the crib nigga. I don’t just walk around with my gun,” I replied.
“Never leave the house without that shit, nigga. I’m home now. That means stay strapped. You hear me?” He yelled.
“Yeah.” I said.
The rest of the ride to Nate’s was quiet. I had so many questions but I chose to stay silent. This was the life he lived so this was nothing to him. Was this really what I wanted for myself, though?
I dropped him off and the whole ride back to my crib I thought about grabbing a new piece and if I was gonna do business with Brandon after what just happened.

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