The Last of The Real-Chapter 2

“Oh my God! Mr. King thank you so much for this opportunity! This really means so much to me. You just made my day,” Simone squealed. I guess I can’t call her No Cheeks, right? Or can I?
“Well I’m glad I could do that for you, love. We start Monday. Now I know it’s already Thursday afternoon but tomorrow is when all the execs turn up together at happy hour. You aren’t obligated to attend because you wouldn’t be getting paid for your time, but you would be meeting the most important people at New Hires in a chill environment. And it’s open bar on the company’s dime.’ Please just say you can make it.
“I will be there. Can you just email me the details and I will see you there.” Damn no hesitation.
I hung out with the fellas at the pool house I owned after work but when they asked about the bitches I decided to chill. I ain’t feel like no late nights with them fools. Once the boys left I looked over some work, then I texted Simone. I know I technically just hired her but a nigga gotta stay consistent with the trying right?
Me: hey ms. simone
Simone: Brett
Me: Brett huh? what you up to?
Simone: yes outside of work lol but im laying down watching lahhatl
Me: not the ratchets lol
Simone: gotta get my laughs in lol
Me: i hope u aint like that
Simone: and what is it to u?
Me: need a boss on my team
Simone: i was born a boss boy…thanks for today this job means everything 😉
Me: oh yeah?
And that was it! What the fuck! At that point I was ready to say fuck it.
I ain’t pressed over no bitch texting me back. I said half drunk and frustrated. I hit up Uptown friend Tee, blew it down with her and got some crazy sloppy in the pool house office. I talked with her for a few while she waited for her ride and then I headed home.
‘If we don’t get this paper who the fuck gonna get it? It’s money to be made, team strong-no fucking quitting’ my alarm was my man Shook mixtape intro. It was my morning inspiration and I always had to have it in my mind 1st thing in the morning that money was to be made. The only thing that comes to a sleeper is a dream, you dig?
I did my morning workout in my den. I ain’t no heavy weight but i bench press a little something and run on the treadmill for a half hour. Got a glass of orange juice and made a egg white omelette with peppers, onions, cheese and turkey bacon – no swine for me! I showered, and threw on some threads I bought from my suit maker out Houston. My boy was sick! Just tell him what you want and he shipping your clothes to wherever you at. Just a summer time lay I figured was stylish and breathable in this heat but still corporate. I fed Blue, let him out back where he chilled all day until I got home, and I was off.
“Mr. King? You have a call on line 2,” came Mary’s voice on the intercom.
“This is King,” I said.
“Dog wassup!” Nobody in my squad other than D had my personal line.
“Who’s speaking?” I asked.
“Now you don’t know your brother? Now I know them rich boys ain’t fuck up ya memory too.” Fucking Brandon!
“Bro! How you get this line? Ma?” He wasn’t supposed to be getting home until next November around Thanksgiving. It was only June.
“Yeah you know Ma always comes through. A nigga home now chilling at the spot. What you doing today?” The spot was his man’s Nate crib.
“Man! Well I got a business meet up at the D&K Lounge me and D got-”
“Oh that join, that’s wassup,” He interrupted. Brandon ain’t fuck with D in every sense of the word! He felt like D took his place in my life. Brandon got locked up off and on since I was 10. But this last time was on some killing shit that they didn’t really have no evidence on. Or at least that’s what we paid his lawyer to make it seem like. Naw I ain’t no snitch especially on the family but this was the lifestyle. Real mafia type shit. Every visit I made up state I was told to watch out for D. Brandon always said he ain’t trust him.
“Yeah the join down Chestnut. We actually working on a second location but we’ll talk. Soon as I finish up later we around.” I said.
“Nate talking bout Onyx tonight anyway. What you getting into tomorrow? Got some things I wanna discuss,” he stated.
My mind started going. Brandon wasn’t never gonna learn. The streets don’t love em. They never had and for some reason I felt like that was what he needed to discuss. Putting him back on.
“Nothing at all. I’m gonna get you some threads together and we gonna hit the city ’cause I know you still rocking that old shit they put you in there with haha!” We talked for a few more minutes before he told me he had some business to handle. I told bul be careful and that I would catch him later. Brandon was really home!
Ring! Ring!
“Damn it’s Friday why everybody calling, shit.” I mumbled to myself. I was trying to chill, listen to my music and just finish my monthly report, but the phone was ringing all day. I also wanted to have something to show Simone for when she got in on Monday. Like a template. She would have to go through some hands on training because we were set to hit France in a week.
“This is King,” I said not hiding my irritation.
“Hey Mr. King, this is Simone,” Before I could get anything out she was right at me.
“I have a dilemma. My ride for tonight is tripping on me and I would NOT ask for a ride like this but I really want to come along and meet the squad,” she said sounding hesitant.
“Not a problem where do you want me to meet you at?” I asked.
“Oh no, I’m sorry. I meant to say I don’t need a ride to the lounge I would just need a ride back to my house if that’s no trouble to you.”
“Oh that won’t be a problem at all. If you need a ride down I can come get you as well, just hit me up if anything changes.” I told her.
I didn’t say yes because I had a chance to get some alone time with shorty, even though technically I was, right? But I loved how eager she was to be around the business. I could tell she wanted to know the ends and outs and I was honestly happy to show her.
5pm rolled around pretty quick and I was heading out the office with everybody to walk down the street to the lounge. I figured it was a good idea to have the lounge in the downtown section because of all the money that comes through this part of the city. You get ya hood people that come through on the weekends because of the buzz me and my niggas got but for the most part, rich folks come through during the week on their lunch breaks and to catch happy hour. Dina was the head chef and she always made sure the food was whammin! My White girl Stace from undergrad was working on owning her own bar. The girl was so thorough I had to convince her to get some practice in at the lounge for my shit to rock. In exchange I promised start up bread & a location for her bar. Moving like a god is all about negotiations. She could get some practice in the lounge and possibly bring in and mentor another bartender to take over when she left. A win win for everybody.
“Stace, some shots for everybody please,” I asked.
“Oh no haha no shots you can just give me a Henny punch, please,” Simone said.
Me and my oldhead Shayla started bidding. We always started off with shots! I already had two shots of my homie Jose with my old head Trevor. He was celebrating a new baby girl and his oldest son just got accepted to Princeton. We drank to everything. We worked hard during the week so we deserved it.
“Come on just one!” Shayla laughed. I guess Shayla made it like a female type challenge cause Simone was finally down for the 4 rounds. Peer pressure is a bitch, lol.
I introduced her to the team of young execs. Seven in total. Jim, Trevor, Shayla, Nicole, Tom and Bill. At the base of things-I don’t want to bore you guys-we acted as liaisons for big companies all over the globe as marketing agents. The France trip? Fashion shit. Technically these guys weren’t that young they were all 35+ but were younger than the older execs so there you have it. I was the youngest and had the most to prove but they kept me in check and pushed me to be thorough.
“Loosen up some, this is a chill thing. You not at work,” I laughed to Simone who looked a little intimidated. I got a little closer to her and whispered, “now these motherfuckers got money they making $200,000+ a year not including any side hustles they may have.” Shit I was making way less than that but eventually you get used to being in a room full of all this money.
“You’re lucky Baby Boy, I didn’t get an assistant until just a year ago. And she’s cute!” Shayla said smiling and sipping a margarita. Shayla was like a cool ass aunty that you always wanted around. Only thing about that is that she knew me too well and I had to keep my composure around these guys. I was private and didn’t need any insinuations about my business relationship with Simone. But damn she was fine! She had this powder pink dress on that was hugging her just enough to make a nigga do a double take. Some gold ‘Chanel bejeweled sandals’ as Shayla put it and all gold jewelry. Not no fake shit neither. She came to play. Them damn glasses was doing something to me too haha.
Shayla could tell Simone seemed a bit uncomfortable. She grabbed her hand and said “let’s dance girly, ya’ll young girls gotta keep a sistah tight,” she laughed. After that it was on…
“Ard ya’ll get home safe and somebody get Trevor ass a fucking uber!” Tom laughed.
I told Dina and Stace to be safe locking up and walked everybody to the parking garage. Simone had a few drinks in her and was feeling buzzed so we grabbed her the Wendy’s fries she kept asking for and was on our way to her crib.
“Make a left at the light and then turn right I’m at the end of the block,” she said gathering her shit up.
“I really had a good time, thanks for the invite and for the ride,” she said smiling.
“Your welcome,” I said as I pulled up to her crib out Mt. Airy.
“So this is where Simone stays,” I said as I parked.
“Yup with a bunch of ratchets, haha. I stay with my sisters and they dumbass boyfriends. They hate on me cause I’m a boss bitch but it’s all good. I got this new gig too? What? A bitch is bouta be out!” I couldn’t help but laugh. It was like I was watching her Snapchat.
“Why don’t you come to my crib? It’s less folks around and you can chill,” I suggested.
“Why so you can have your way with me?” She said smiling and rubbing her thighs.
Next thing I know she grabbing on my mans and I’m rubbing her ass!
“This is why I don’t like shots,” she whispered stopping abruptly.
“Why cause you get loose?” I said laughing. She leaned across the seat making her breast spill out her dress just a tad. She took her glasses off and started staring at me.
“Okay let me be serious…Since we gonna be working together let me get this out now. We both young. I’m only 27. You 25. Yes. You cute and I know I’m sexy as hell. And I know you want me Brett. You a real thorough ass nigga.” she said. “But I don’t fuck my bosses. So yes you can look all you want King Brett, but don’t think you getting any of this cookie,” she laughed. I sat there trying to calm myself down and just smirked. More of a grimace than anything. She made me want her even more by this stupid ass game she was playing.
“See you Monday morning Boss Man,” she winked. As she got out the car she dropped what looked like her blunt. She bent over grabbed it, looked back and caught me starring at her panties showing underneath her dress. I laughed as she walked in the house without looking back.
“Damn,” I said to myself. This was gonna be a lot harder than I thought.

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