The Last of The Real-Chapter 1

She started off by saying she wasn’t feeling the kid…honestly…I thought she was lying from the start…I knew she was I should say. The only thing that had me partially believing her was the fact that she wasn’t giving up the yams. No cheeks for weeks ctfu. That’s what the homies would say. First her number wasn’t saved and then she moved up to ‘No Cheeks.’ Yeah it’s levels to getting your number saved lol. I mean to be quite frank bitches always come through. Before you get mad I refer to some females as bitches because that’s all they are and they refer to themselves as such. If you a lady then you’ll always be that to me. But like I said, they always come through…but not this one. Idk what it was but she wasn’t for the shits.
Either she had somebody or she literally just saw me as a friend. It all started on Snapchat. She hacked one of her ratchet friends Snap saying she was new to it and to add her so you know I did!
“You got a lot of low key swag boy. I think you cool I see you one of them hood corporate motherfuckers and you gotta be young as hell lol baby face ass nigga. I respect that” she responded when I asked why she was fleeing me all the time. Girls can be so confusing like damn shorty am I getting the cheeks or not ctfu. I gave her my number and told her if she ever wanted to really conversate to hit me up. Do ya’ll know it took this girl 3 fucking weeks! THREE. I don’t know what was worse her taking so long or me counting. Probably me counting, lmao.
I finally got the text when this shorty I call Uptown asked me to take her to the movie tavern out King of Prussia. I knew her since college and we always blew it down and studied for Mr. Brownsen business management classes. Never slid up in her cause she had a fiancĂ© at the time and I ain’t no disrespectful brother. The whole date was filled with laughs and me and No Cheeks texting. Uptown was irritated of course but what could she say? It was me.
“I mean if you want to come through you can. My ex got the kid so come through and roll me the fuck up nigga,” she laughed but I knew she was serious. Once her and the bul broke up she always wanted me around. I fucked with her but she was too pressed sometimes. She knew how I was living and she wanted to be my trophy. But I ain’t see her that way. Just as a good time. She knew that and said she was cool with it. I still kept her at a distance because girls go crazy when they think they have potential to change a nigga. You can’t change a man and that’s just facts.
The whole time I’m getting the yams I’m thinking about No Cheeks and how she stopped texting me back and didn’t open my last message. Yeah she had her read receipts on lol.
The next few weeks blew by but they were dragging at the same time. I was getting a promotion at my job and was told by the higher-ups that I had to hire a personal assistant. I liked working by myself. It was easier and if anything went wrong I would be the only one to blame. But when you get a order lol, you oblige to keep ya fucking money rolling in. So far all these interviewees was some lame corny niggas. You gotta have some type of swag to roll with me. Idc if it is for work. I fly all over the world and I can’t have nobody fucking up my brand.
My homie Jay kept clowning me like always.
“Yo dog you still ain’t hit that bitch from snapchat?”
“Naw ctfu I ain’t worried bout no boogie bitches,” I mean, wasn’t she?
“Man this nigga always being secretive, I know Mr. Money is hitting that,” Shawn chimed in.
“Look leave my youngin alone. Niggas got more to think about then busting ass, haha, like this fucking money. Wassup with a game of spades? $500 to start you know how we do niggas. Since ya’ll wanna be on each other dick so bad me and my youngin on the same team fuck ya’ll,” said D. D was my old head, shit he was everybody old head and what he said was like the law.
Of course Jay and Shawn started bitching saying we pull in the most bread out of the group and how that isn’t fair that we always on the same team. D yelled for my pit Blue and said “Blue! Unc got some bitches for you!” We was all cracking up and passing the blunt. It was what we did every Thursday. Of course me and D was busting they ass but I renigged a few times only cause I felt bad. I blamed it on the fact that I was FUCKED UP. I’m never too fucked up to mess up in a Spade’s game but these niggas was right. We was eating like Kings and sometimes they barley had enough to pay they bills but it never failed, they always had they spade money ready.
Uptown: What you bouta get into?
Me: I’m with the homies right now
Uptown: Well me shay and tee coming through. Tee bringing her corny ass cousin for Jay corny ass, tell em we said hennything is possible lol
And so it was on! This how it always was. Me or Shawn always had some bitches coming through and it wasn’t bout nothing for them to be down for whatever. They knew the rule though. Bring a bottle of Henny and we all good. Not no personal join either. The big boy so we can get into the shits.
The next day was a Friday and I forgot I had another round of people to interview just 3 but I was getting so turnt with the homies I forgot to look over they resumes when I got home.
“Yo lock up when you dickheads leave,” I yelled to Jay and Shawn. D left after we called the girls they uber and made sure they got on they way safely. D had a family to get back to so he never stayed out no later than 2:30 or Dina would start tripping. That’s his long time girlfriend and the mother of his two sons. He doesn’t refer to her as his baby mom and the last time a nigga did? Lights out for that clown. He always said she was more than a baby mom. He still ain’t get around to marrying her and I feel like it was because he wasn’t done with his playa ways just yet. Plus we was all in our 20s. Jay and Shawn was 27 and 28 and I just turned 25. This nigga just turned 32. He still wanted to hang.
I pulled out my copper colored Stacy Adams slip on loafers, some money green tapered cut slacks, a crisp ass short sleeved button down shirt, my gold Hublot-I saved a long time for that bitch, and I only wore it on Fridays because after work was happy hour with the execs and they all had one. Gotta keep up with the bosses if you want to become one. I tossed my gold crucifix chain on that my grandfather gave me when I graduated from grad school. Greased up my low cut, combed my beard out and peeled off in my black 2015 Lexus. Yeah a nigga was eating a little piece of the money pie.
“Good morning Ms. Mary, you looking good today girl,” I said as I gave her a surprise cup of Starbucks. She emptied out her Wawa coffee and smiled.
“Thanks baby. I was with your mom last night and we so happened to be riding by your place. We saw all them girls going in there. Is that why you’re late today?” She was so nosy but then again all the receptionist were haha.
“You tell my mama to stop taking you to the bar and mind her business’ I said jokingly.
I was like 30 minutes late. I always arrived 30 minutes early but hey it was Friday and I NEVER used my PTO. So 30 minutes wasn’t going to hurt
I got ready for my 1st interview. I didn’t even look at the resume lol. Just took a deep breath, said a prayer that this would be the last motherfucker I had to talk to and opened my office door.
“Damn,” Black Jesus moved pretty quick.
No Cheeks was sitting there with her headphones in fixing her lipstick in her phone. Just looking so beautiful. Like damn this little brown skin girl was all that in person. She had a black pencil skirt on. Just sexy enough to show her curves and yet still professional. She had a nice form fitting shear baby blue blouse on and some leather stilettos. A sloppy but perfect bun and I couldn’t even tell if she had make-up on or not. Either way-she was looking perfect. She had some gold rimmed glasses on and I could see her gold watch. Had to be Aldo or Century 21. My mom loved those places so I knew some of their collections. Shorty was clean and she was a brick house.
“Welcome to New Hires, would you like a glass of water?” I asked trying to keep my cool.
She hurried and put her phone and headphones in her purse, grabbed her folder, said no thanks, and followed me into my office. She really acted like she didn’t know who I was.
As I went through all the formalities of the interview I noticed she really already pretty much knew about the company, when it started, even offered what we could do to expand our reach. She was thorough and very detailed. Something like a personal assistant. I just had to make sure I wasn’t thinking with my dick and making a good business decision. I needed somebody who could handle all that I had going on. Inside and outside of work.
“Well Ms. Simone,”
“Mr. King?” She responded.
“You’ll definitely be hearing back from us soon.”
“Do you have a date for that correspondence?” She pressed.
“Uh..should be no more than 2 weeks,” she had the job but since she wanted to be petty and act like she didn’t know me and keep calling me Mr. King after I insisted that she called me Brett, I figured I’d leave her in her thoughts. My nigga, baby girl been had the job since I seen her in the waiting room lmao. And her business admin degree from Spellman sealed the deal. She also got her masters degree from Temple. She qualified for a better position but you needed tenure with the company to get those. We only hired for some positions from within the organization. She was a woman with a plan and I could respect that. But all in all I always had to maintain my cool.
“Thank you very much for your time, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you,” she said as we were saying good bye.
She left out so fast I didn’t even have time to ask her what she was doing for lunch! And she hadn’t responded to any of my text or Snaps. Shit she didn’t even open them! She was playing hard to get and the assistant position was the perfect way to get her.

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