Think of the future…

With all the catastrophe that’s been going on…I want everybody to know that there is still a reason to smile. You’re still alive. So that means there is still a reason to smile. Still employed. Still have a roof over your head. Still have food in the crib. Still have a car, or your transpass. Still have some if not all of your bills paid. Family….friends….significant others….somebody somewhere is still having a cookout, still having a birthday party….somebody just had a baby today. Somebody just got home from jail today. Somebody just got a promotion or a new job. Someone just finished their last day of chemo. Somebody just got great news.
You see what I mean? Whenever there is pain trust me there is joy somewhere. What I have seen which I have not seen very much of is my brothers and sisters who are of the Christian and Islamic faith agree to disagree for a moment and agree that prayer and the strength in numbers will get us somewhere in life. To promote hate and violence isn’t going to do anything just because you’re mad. Civil Rights Act of 1964? The reason why we have so many freedoms that we didn’t have before. Do not allow the government to distract you with hate. All they do is hate and you see what that has got us. You can’t promote hate and not receive hate in return.
I honestly feel stuck between a Dr. King way of thinking and a Malcolm X way of thinking. Non violent non violent? Or by any means necessary? The ying and the yang of the Black persons struggle. Yes things have been good but could a little force make things better?
So I charge you to put down your social media profiles for a minute and really think how can you contribute some positivity in the midst of chaos. How you can bring some peace in the middle of hate. Research and learn about your culture and all the great advantages that you have as a Black or Brown person in America due to some of the peace that was promoted.
Making a change starts with the renewing of your mind. Think differently and make a change. Start a business, become a lawyer, become a doctor and help minorities. IDK. But whatever you decide-bring some peace with you wherever you go. This is beyond us. This is for the youth and the next generation.

With love,

Moriah S.

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