I checked the news this morning and my heart cried. Like a hiccuping can’t breath just got my ass whooped cry. My stomach turned. THEY ARE STILL KILLING US. I don’t wan’t to hear the apologetic fam saying ‘oh no all cops aren’t bad we need to work on home first.’ FUCK THAT. It’s hunting season and by the looks of things, WE are the prey. How long are we going to sit around and let them wipe us out? We don’t even make up a quarter of the USA population yet we make up almost half of the prison population…But we don’t care right? Instead of standing up for each other we criticize each other and point the finger and not contribute to society. I am a writer and therefore I use my craft to contribute to the greater cause in life. My community and family. My Black family. What are you doing?

When Modell was making his decision to get rid of the Browns in the mid to late 90s what did that community do? They made it so uncomfortable for that owner he couldn’t even step foot back in Cleveland. So why can’t Black folks do the same? Why can’t we do what our oldheads used to do and protect our own? We too scared. Too soft. Too worried about ourselves. We are so cold towards each other…

I walked into Wawa the other day to grab a black, some coffee and to get some gas. The only other Black person in there was a female police officer. I say ‘Wassup sis’ and the look I got from her was crazy. Like she just smelled some trash. I proceed to tell her enjoy the rest of her day and that I hope no one gave her a hard time because I know they (by statistical data-black female cops) get it the worst. She finally started softening up but I was so turned off I honestly didn’t want to talk to her anymore. It used to be a time when Black folks would see each other and it was nothing but love. We so cold and mean to each other that we can’t even say hello. What makes you think these other races are going to treat us any better?

Looking at some of the comments from Black people about the very recent death of Alton Sterling, I am so hurt. Instead of devising a plan on how to combat this bullshit we’re tearing each other down. How we need to worry about this and that. Well why don’t you start a movement and spark some change? Find solutions not create more problems.

We can’t continue to degrade ourselves, kill ourselves, and cause division because of different viewpoints. There is one common ground and that is that we are family. And one thing Grandma Brenda taught me is that family sticks together!

It’s not that they just started killing us, they’ve been doing it. We just have social media to spread the word quicker….Now that we know, what are we going to do? Create new problems or new solutions?

With a heavy heart,

Moriah S.

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