Truly Yours….


“See this right here’s not a preview of what the album goin’ bring you or nothing like that…sharing things I think quietly, with those who admire me…remember MTV diaries? This something like that…..”
Sitting here down by the Art Museum listening to Cole Summer from his Truly Yours 2 mixtape. It’s over a sampled loop from Lauryn Hill’s Nothing Even Matters. Back when music was something you could feel. Everybody wants to be savages and killers now. They not just breaking hearts though-they murdering US. Some people may not like this but I feel like my brothers and sisters are losing sight of a cancer that we allow in our community. WE are killing each other…no I haven’t killed anyone but my brothers in jail have…some of my sisters have….some people still on the block have. We don’t riot about that. We riot about white’s killing us which we ABSOLUTELY SHOULD. Don’t get it twisted. However, WE have to deal with US.
We promote a ratchet hood fight over a kid starting up his own landscaping business. We promote baby moms and broken families….so I have to ask the question…are we not as bad as our white counterparts? They don’t want Blacks to be great….we make up close to 14% of the USA population yet we make up 40% of those incarcerated…that’s almost half and it’s not just “them” locking us up.
On the other side of the coin, if you throw us in ghettos and expect us to make it out with no scars then you’re crazy. Generational poverty is a real thing….However, now that we know what is next?
We scream give us us free yet we don’t go to school and get a business degree learning marketing, then link up with a fashion major and run our own businesses. We hate on who’s hot right now. Instead of working on you and network with the people who are where you want to be in life. People normally hate on what they can’t afford (not just money)…
A old head of mines-an older black male-said ‘man I work hard, pay taxes and still get harassed by the cops….all you can do is smoke some, have a good drink and get some yams and pray for the best.’ Of course we were sitting around joking over drinks but the look in his eyes was a very serious look. The USA has a ‘it’s greater to be feared than loved’ mentality. And they have the Black community shook. Afeni Shakur doesn’t get any dedication when she passed on a white owned BET Awards….Our leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther the King Jr. were assassinated…COINTEL PRO single handedly dismantled the Black Panther Party…we were hung and burned…whipped and chained…and now they control our music….sell us clothes they know are too expensive and out of a logical budget for our income….I’m included so don’t worry I’m looking in the mirror too…yet we say nothing until they kill us….we may not be picking cotton out of fear anymore but we are still getting played letting massa get away with instilling fear in our minds….We’re like the kid who can beat up his brothers and sisters at home but when somebody else tries to fight they get scared.
Let’s stop being scared and make our own clothes and SUPPORT it….lets make our own food chains, rec centers, banks and SUPPORT it….and don’t ask for a discount….just support…if Blacks could begin to pour back into the Black community I believe we could get a few things done. Black Wall Street part 2 or something…Guess you got to be the change you want to see right?

Plotting and dreaming,

Moriah S.

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