New Black America


Yes it has been awhile. I was supposed to be doing more mixtape Monday’s and promoting Black owned and operated businesses. However, I wanted to just sit back and observe social media over the past month. 2015 America looks like 1950’s America. In today’s society, social media is a platform diary for millions of users across the world.The race war that the government is creating is showing everyone the true colors of society.
Let’s keep it a bean, Blacks have been getting killed by Whites since they brought us over here. My generation just hasn’t seen full on racism so we are shocked and without a leader so we are lost. I say they because that is their family. I say US because my Black is your Black and the blood flowing through my veins is the same blood that flows through your veins. You are family to me and I am family to you. We may not always agree and we may not like each other for various reasons but our Blackness and ties to Africa make us family. The same way you love that big group of friends and family to have gatherings and cookouts for any given reason? That jewelry, nice clothes, popping houses, cars, and hair that can make or break an outfit? Take a look at the pictures of African kings and queens. The way they dressed, adorned themselves, the kingdoms, the unity within the communities…You get where I am going, right? This makes us family.
I believe that this needs to be a wake up call for Blacks. I am talking about the racial tension. No, not all White people are racist or seeking to destroy the Black race. Want to know something else we have in common. Making money baby! My generation is tired of being broke. We saw our parents struggle and we don’t want that. So what are we doing? Small business ventures. Hell, if they won’t give it to us, let’s take it or just make our own.
Besides, when was the last time you saw other races supporting Black businesses? Or our colleges? Not the 5 white students we see on campus. I’m saying when have you seen a diverse HBCU? Yeah they are Black colleges but we don’t discriminate! Everyone is technically welcome. But why not support US? Why don’t they apply to HBCU’s like we do to PWI’s (HBCU alum rant)? Besides OUR artist, athletes and actors and actresses, what do THEY support of OURS? Why don’t Black people support each other? Why do we shun our own and not keep the money within our community? Did you know that other races keep their money within their own community and this is why they continue to see money we haven’t even touched? Did you also know that Blacks spend the most on luxury items, such as clothes, cars, houses, and etcetera? So could you imagine if we kept that money and supported Black owned and operated businesses, the Black community could touch money like the Black Wall Street saw?
Forget all the racism talk, forget all the prejudice talk. Let’s not go back to ‘the White man just wants to hold me back’ age. Let’s say fuck em! (Sorry mom). Let’s not try to integrate! We tried that and it clearly isn’t working that well for us. Besides, they do to us and other races of color the same thing they did to the Indigenous people. Either conform to our way of life or you can go. Or in other words: do what we say or go to jail or even better, die by our hands or kill each other. I mean isn’t that what’s happening?
They put crack, liquor stores, mom and pop shops, Chinese stores and other addictive and bad health issues in our community. Gave us welfare. So we become dependent on them, we become addicted to the fast money drugs produce and the addictive drugs such as crack to keep the poverty swirling in a deadly circle. Where there is poverty there is crime. So why not create businesses? I’ve learned great drug dealers make amazing business men and women. So why not use that same mind for something more positive and support each other? Why keep giving it to people who will never give it back to us?
Until next time fam,
-Mo Shands

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