What Morals?


What is considered important anymore? What is considered to have values and standards? What is considered wrong in todays society?
A recent trend that has been taking place on social media is what many know as #GrannyBaby. Now Granny Baby has been a source of entertainment for a very long time. I remember seeing this post maybe over a year ago. However in recent social media buzz, Granny Baby has taken on a whole new flow of attention. Instagram guru’s have made her the center of their jokes and the hashtag has 5,000+ post on Instagram alone.
So ya’ll know I am always going to keep it real. I have laughed at some of the post. Some of them are naturally funny. But the question that I had to ask myself after the first 5 or 6 post was ‘who’s child is this?’ Because to be honest, if that was my child I would seriously be offended that they are the pun of some of these jokes. I am a good hearted person so I can see myself laughing at some of these jokes if it was indeed my baby. However, many of the jokes and comments were so uncalled for and just wrong. Apparently this baby’s name is Casey Bardowell and suffers from leukemia which is linked to her appearance.
Now I did not laugh at the baby, but at the meme’s. However, like I mentioned some of the comments were so mean that I would rather not repeat them.
So, okay, there were some mean people out there during the jokes. That’s expected. My problem came today. Once the ‘facts’ (still not 100% sure if this is baby Casey) started being posted to different social sites even more rude comments were made about how people ‘always want to play superhero for the day. learn to laugh a little.’ What???
When I was younger people had more standards. If you found out a person had some type of debilitating situation you didn’t laugh anymore and would apologize because that was considered cruel. Now it’s funny. There has been a major shift in society where being mean sells so much faster than being nice. I’m praying for this generation coming up because the standards are so low now. Why are the ones taking a stand always talked down upon and those who follow the trend praised?
With a sad view of my generation,
-Mo Shands

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