Patience Is Key!

Patience is a virtue…I heard this my whole life and I never really understood what it meant until I just recently finished my undergraduate degree. Many people dropped out or transferred because they didn’t have the patience for school. However, if they would have just stayed the course and had some patience, they would have been right there with us.
All those long nights of papers, and ‘editing’ for other students (hey I had to make money somehow), missing class to go to work and trying to explain this to your professors. Praying for an A in every class but being satisfied with a B…The hard work and almost teary nights were so worth it. However, one thing that I wish I had a little more of was patience and understanding. Understanding that knowing trouble only last for a little while but still embracing trouble and the lessons. To still have fun despite all the madness that may be going on around me. Trust me I still had my fun but I wish I didn’t stress so much, because all those things are really a distant memory now. And now that it is over I am ready for the next best thing to happen. How to increase my wealth. When I say wealth I do not just mean money and material things. I mean my joy, my peace of mind, my circumference of successful like-minded individuals…my level of patience.
Patience literally means “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” Now I can honestly say that my patience has grown so much over the years partly due to my wonderful yet trying alma mater. However, I feel it could be better. I want the type of patience that my grandmother and mother’s generation had. They could work at a job for 15-20 years at a time and never lose sight of what they wanted to accomplish. They had the work-life balance down to a science. They would work all week and party all weekend, church or relaxation on Sunday’s and then back to work. No matter what trouble may have come their way they always managed to still enjoy life.
I want my patience capacity to grow. My generation does not have this so it makes it kind of hard to fall in line when I am a product of my environment. My sister is a good example of this patience. We just had a convo earlier and she told me some trouble about bosses. However, not once did she say she would quit. She said she would just give it some time, wait for her review and hope for the best. Now in days the youth can’t tolerate a job for more than a year at a time. What happened to instilling patience and long suffering to our young people?
Yeah things may be bad in your life right now or you may not know what your next move is, but don’t stress so much. Take in every minute and embrace every breath because you never know when peace will come and you would want to be patient enough to receive it.
With love,
-Moriah S.

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