Mixtape Monday’s: #UnPopular

As promised today kick starts Mixtape Mondays and todays featured mixtape is from an artist that goes by the name Philly Chase. He is from Philadelphia, PA and is known for being able to record and recite songs without writing anything down. I stumbled upon this mixtape a few days ago and thought it fitting for the occasion. I went through each song and wrote my thoughts as I listened to each track. I go for subject matter over beats FYI. Favorites are marked by 2 asterisks. Check out Philly Chase’s “#UnPopular” below:

1. #UnPopular: ‘Those who do not fit in define whats next…A coward dies 1000 times a soldier only dies once.’ These quotes stuck out the most. What is usually the thing that makes you different is never popular. But only the strong survive. Coupled with a nice beat, this is a good one.
2. Take It Back**: This gave me a little late 90s early 2000s feel. Some nice DJing going on here. He use to keep raps in a shoebox-man that was me! Notebooks full of stuff. The oldheads in rap did it for the love not so much about all the material things although that was there. They had more substance.
3. Laughin Atm**: ‘All black b/c of no justice for trayvon…dis me u get disfigured’ he says as he laughs at the competition if there even is any. He uses a playful beat and lets everybody know that he’s not one to mess with. Cocky song that fits Moriah Shands, ha.
4. Actin Like a Millionaire**: ‘Watch who u takin from ‘even God had to forsake his Son’ a call to stop fraudin if u don’t got it then u just don’t got it. 2nd verse really exposes the fake that always try to follow trends and cant even afford it. Just be real.
5. Talkin Bout Me feat. Scott Thurm: I always like a good diss track. Basically fuck the rumors and live ya life. The Big Suits always try to shit on the little guy. Which makes it hard to come up. Forget them & their money politics. Make your own lane.
6. Submarine feat. Rosie: Play another slooow jam…This song really shows diversity of content. Rosie gives raspy sexy songstress which I love. He portrays a side dip & says he’s what’s best for her because you know he deep sea travels like…a submarine. Very nice.
7. That’s All I Know: ‘Rappin trappin or busting through windows’ shows what he knows and that he just gets what he wants. He says even if the music doesn’t work out he’s always gonna get to this success-not just the money.
8. Suicide: This tackles the topic of suicide in a great way. He describes being a young teen popping pills & sitting in a tub, life just seems to be overtaking him. He also touches on the fact that he basically made a deal with a devil for the game & the money and now he realizes how fucked up the rap game is. Seems to be a trend these days…
9. Divorce feat. Blake Winters**: He really let the song cry on this one. He was open and let us into his family and how his mother left when he was younger. Mr. Winters helped in pulling at the emotions of the listener. My parents divorced as well so I felt this one.
10. Workout feat. Sampha & Dev Leone**: the story that stuck out was that his shorty was a rider. He hit rock bottom and his girl held it down. No matter how stressed out he got shorty would always say leave it in God’s hands. Just let it all workout & it did. A very nice mellow jazzy feel.
11. What Else To Say: I would have put this last…its gives me credits rolling. It also made me wonder what a J Cole and Rihanna track would sound like.
12. I Believe: this song hits home because when I was young and I really threw myself into church and the choir and drama but now that I am older everything has come back full circle…However production wise this was my least favorite on the mixtape. This sounded as if it was thrown together. And it gave a “churchy” vibe. It did not sound as heartfelt and hungry like the other songs. No matter what the content i feel u need to rap it like its ur last chance. The content was good but I would have liked a better delivery.

Overall this was a very good project and I have added my favorites to my different music playlist. Nice work Philly Chase.

With love,

-Mo Shands

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