Thoughts from a fan…


“Okay my name’s Wale you probably know me from the-you know…”

So this morning I started my workout plan with my cousin and you know you have to have a workout playlist. Who works out in silence? So today I decided to download Wale’s new album The Album About Nothing (highly anticipated by myself). I have listened to the album multiple times (not including the singles from the album that I already have) in different order, played other music and came back to the album.
Just some background for everyone I have been listening to Wale faithfully since 2007 when he gave us his third official mixtape known as 100 Miles and Running that was mixed by Nick Catchdubs. I found a lyrical gem with that mixtape.
Fun fact, I almost cried when I missed him perform at my school during my freshman year (how in the world did I miss that?!) and I was also very close to posting him up in my dorm room but I decided to keep those middle school days where I left them. And I guess you could call me a fan being as though I recently subscribed to his email blog the DC native created for his fans that he lovingly calls Moonz. I am not in love with Wale like that, ha, but I do love his poetry infused music. He is like a long lost musical brother. He always references sports and as an ex -athlete I can respect that. Also, as a poet I can respect poetry in lyrical content. I love the way he makes music poetic. It reflects my style of artistry.
Now Wale has came a long way from his Paint a Picture days (2005) but I LOVE the production of the songs on the album. The Bloom (AG3), The Need to Know (feat. SZA), The White Shoes, The Pessimist (feat. J. Cole), The Intro About Nothing and the overall narration from Jerry Seinfield is what makes me give the album an overall 4/5 stars. He is still lyrically strong but it just seems that something is still missing. That hungry Wale feel is missing. Every track on Ambition was played front to back, back to front. He was hungry and man did he eat! If I can’t play an album straight through like Ambition, then I am sorry it does not get a full 10. Every label group has a overall style. RocNation, YMCMB and MMG just to name a few. MMG to me are trying toughen his music up to make him fit their mold but Wale is very different from Rick Ross and Meek Mill. I stuck it out with Wale though because who gives up on an artist after 8 years???
Why does it get a 4 though? Well besides the fact that it’s Wale and he is like the homie off the block you always knew was going to be great and make it out the hood, it isn’t trying to be MMG this time around. He is an MMG artist but he is not the trap rapper. He is the Mama Told Me from Attention Deficit artist. He is the Illest B*tch Alive from Ambition rapper. I like Wale that has the balance. Fans tend to critique the most and thats why I hate being a fan, but its hard not to with Wale! Hopefully next album we can get a feature from K. Dot, SZA and J. Cole on one track? Wishful thinking but in my ears that makes so much sense!
If you have not listened to the album check it out on Spotify for a free shuffled version of the album and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

With love,

-Moriah S.

One thought on “Thoughts from a fan…

  1. I LOVE WALE !!! 😍 This makes perfect sense. I want him to sound like him not like Meek and Ross. I can’t wait to listen to his new album it better not disappoint. 😳😳


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