Empire Overdose…

I don’t know if everybody else feels the same way as myself but I am having an Empire overdose! Lee Daniels gave us a beautiful dark and twisted TWO HOUR season finale and I am truly thankful for every minute. This is what happens when you get a very talented Black screenwriter to make a TV show. Okay so as I hoped, the family truly does take Mr Lucious Lyons down but in a very unpredictable way. Or so we think.

Of course a written review cannot simply capture the full episode. Trust me if you have time please watch this finale it was the best finale I have seen in awhile…or maybe ever? Well besides Scandal that is. But anyway you will not be disappointed watching this even if you supposedly do not like Empire. Now I do have my opinions about 2 issues brought to the light in the show.
Number one: church and Hip Hop. Now there is a definitely a line between church and the state of Hip Hop (when I say church I am referring to Christianity mainly and other religions who may be experiencing the same thing). Some viewers were very upset that they used church scenes and gospel music and mixed them with secular ones-such as sex and that sort of thing. However, isn’t that a struggle that many people have daily? Whether to follow their lust and desires for seemingly un-reachable fame and fortune or follow their God…Is there a way to be happy and still serve a God that one cannot see? I thought it was perfect writing. Let’s be real. Life isn’t cut and dry and there are real life issues that happen everyday. And besides how many artist start out as gospel artist or in the church and change genre’s? Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Patti Labelle (who gave me so much life singing with Jamal at the end of the show and also gave a shout out to Black Lives Matter-yes!). And these are only a few artist. The fear of being judged by the church for becoming a secular artist and gospel’s influence on secular music is real people. Let’s open up our minds to these issues. This is real life and if it makes you stop watching the show get out of your box & come on into 2015.
Number two: He got a big egoooo! BLAH! Now do I have a big ego? Maybe…is it as crazy as Lucious? If untamed it could be worse! Limits are needed because if not one can start to believe they are immortal. Does Lucious believe this? Yes now that he realizes he doesn’t have ALS (from my twitter feed last night everyone was pretty upset about this…so sad…I mean he is evil though, but I don’t wish death on anyone-fictional or real!) He is on a dark road to destruction as Cookie always says. Lucious only loves what people can do for him. Cookie is his musical muse. Jamal is truly his predecessor when it comes to this music industry thing and that cannot be denied; not as crazy & not as controlling, but he’s definitely hungry like his dad. Like when he almost threw Beretti over the balcony to prove he was ready to take Empire over. But even in the midst of Lucious needing everybody’s help he still insults his son for being gay, and calls Cookie a hood rat because he believes she snitched. A creepy scene during the first hour of the finale shows Lucious hallucinating from his pills that the spirit of Bunky is on the edge of his bed letting him know that he (Lucious) won’t get away with his murder. All the while Cookie was standing right there listening to the whole thing! She then attempts to smother Lucious as an avenge for her cousin Bunky’s death. I thought it was lights out but he stops her mid-way and she leaves the room (again everyone was so angry that she didn’t kill him!). But the scene when she was being questioned about the death of Bunky shows that she rides for this man even though he always does her wrong. And he clearly hates his sons Andre and Hakeem for turning on him. Like he had a clean slate with those boys and his ex wife. That made me mad. Do not let your ego cloud your judgement calls. Those boys and Cookie literally put in the time for him and all he see’s is himself.
The finale ends with Lucious being taken to jail for the murder of Bunky. However, the key witness-Uncle Vernon is killed during a fist fight with Andre. Andre’s wife killed him and asked Andre not to call the cops because she’s pregnant…how convienant.
I think Lee Daniels and leading lady Cookie better known as Taraji P. Henson have something special going on here and I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON TWO!

With love,

-Mo Shands

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