Mo Money

I believe in the mantra “mo money mo problems.” It’s universal. From biblical teachings to rap lyrics, it is widely understood that the more money one acquires, chances are the more problems they will acquire. Yet and still everyone is chasing this green piece of paper. It has caused wars, killed friendships, destroyed families, severed business partnerships…I mean the list really goes on and on.
Yet money literally can make or break a nation. So in a sense C.R.E.A.M is a literal truth “cash rules everything around me.” I am on Spring Break this week and I decided to go for a walk today around Temple’s campus. I used to attend that school and it still feels like home whenever I am nearby. I then hopped on the train and took a ride to my favorite pizza place City View and one thing was the same. From Cecil B. Moore to Erie Ave. everyone was doing the same thing. Trying to make a dollar. From the homeless asking for change, to the hustlers selling whatever product they chose, different religious as well as social groups selling their agenda and trying to get you to buy something for $10. The infamous turtle man was out I am assuming because of the break in the weather (that one is still funny to me). Everyone wants to get paid. Hit it big and never work again.
Of course that isnt reality and the poor will always be present as long as currency is around.
On last nights episode of Empire you really see how crazy money can make a person. Besides Cookie’s secretive romance (FINALLY) with the new head of security Malcolm (Derek Luke) the audience really gets to see how money crazy Mr. Lucious is and how it gives him a dangerous power trip. His oldest son Andre is sent to a music therapist to help with his Bi-polar disorder and the family comes to see him. All but Lucious that is. He’s too worried about Empire going public. Andre sends his wife in his stead and Lucious hates that. He doesnt trust a soul with “his money.” Not realizing that without everyone around him he wouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of money that he has. He sends Hakeem’s girlfriend away promising her large amounts of money, it’s found out that Jamal’s adorable daughter Lola, is really his little sister. All a scheme to make Jamal look straight. Of course Lucious promised Lola’s mom Olivia (Raven Simoné) that he would make her a star if she married Jamal. That didn’t work of course because Jamal is gay-something that Lucious hates but tries to tolerate because I mean, that is his son. Lucious tries to marry Cookie but she knows him the most and knows he is only looking out for himself and “his money.” In his own twisted way he tries to control his family with money.
If you caught the preview for next week then you know all the lies are out in the forefront and now it seems like a hunt to take Lucious out-by his family. I want it to work but then the show would be over and we can’t have that right?
Lesson learned? Money isn’t evil. I happen to LIKE having large amounts of it-who wouldn’t? I say get as much as you can. But the LOVE of money? That is really the root of all evil.

With love,

-Mo Shands

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