There’s a Lesson in Everything

I am so excited about this summer it’s hard to put into words so I’ll write it out as best as I can. The beginning of this year has been a shaky one to say the least. But being a self proclaimed optimist, I choose to believe that if the beginning of something starts out pretty bad, the end can only get better. The only way to go from the bottom is up. What has been so shaky? I’ll be transparent-something new I’m trying out. I am slated to graduate with my BA in Communications this May and it has been nothing but a fight. From financial aid discrepancies to having 2 back to back deaths in my family. And on a lighter not-so-light note, I just recently had a pretty bad neck injury from snow tubing.

I was so excited about tubing because I had never been. Me and my friend cut in front of the whole line-kids and all. The snow started picking up and it was finally my turn. I never went snow tubing before so you can see why I was so hype. I got my tube and I finally reached the top. Everything started out great. My goal was to cross the finish line first. I had my worries because me and snow do not mix too well but who cares that I couldn’t see anything because of the snow? I wanted to win. But at the halfway point, I started spinning out of control and I realized I picked the fast lane that was majority ice and I knew it could only go downhill from there-no pun intended. I banged out, hit my head on the safety net and felt instant pain in my neck and shoulders. Who would of thought a 22 year old-with a great athletic build if you ask me-could get hurt from snow tubing? There I am-the One Hit Wonder holding a snowpack on my neck by the fire on the side, while kids half my height and age were going up for their 3rd and 4th time down the mountain…

But I digress. I say all that to say there is a lesson in everything. Did it hurt? Hell yeah and I have a brace and an uncomfortable spasm in my neck to show for it. But do I regret it? No. You learn from mistakes and do better the next time. now I know to simply put my feet down don’t just spin out of control. With graduation slowly approaching I have a fresh outlook on life. Who cares if you fail on your first try? Climb your way back up and keep going if you hit a valley, put the breaks on and learn from what you’re going through. Sure my friends poked fun at me and gave me the nickname Crip (short for crippled) but that’s okay. As much as I joke around it was only a matter of time before I was the center of the jokes.

I hope to encourage somebody out there…who cares if you’ve tried 6 out of 10 business plans and they’ve failed? Try the next 4! People are scared to even try. You already passed those guys. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep striving. Just. Don’t. Quit!

With love,

-Moriah S.

3 thoughts on “There’s a Lesson in Everything

  1. Sorry about your neck :-/ It’s so true that you’ve got to keep trying no matter how many times you screw up. I look at it as a numbers game. I learned to ask myself this question when I was first doing sales: “are you more likely to be successful if you attempt something 10 times or 100 times?” Statistically speaking, the more times you fail the closer you are to success with the next attempt. It’s important to be WILLING to WORK at keeping your eyes on the prize. The key is to find something worth fighting for!

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  2. WOW! How encouraging was that! Truly you have no idea of a fire you started within me by reading this. Thanks so much for even taking the time out to write and share it. Baby, big congrats on graduating! Even bigger congrats on staying in the race to finish. I am so proud of you.! Keeping reaching for kitting but the best and don’t think anything is to big for you. You have a great mindset and I love you for that. Another thing, be encouraged about the passing if your love ones. Continue to make them proud by doing what you are doing. Fight! Believe! Do it! Succeed!
    Thank you! ❤️


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